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Tranistions Webinars - Thursday 15 September 2022 

Year 6 - Key Stage 3 Webinar - 6pm-6.30pm

Year 9 - Key Stage 4 Webinar - 6.30pm-7pm


Ibstock College - Operational Capacity Statement 2022/23

As we transition from a 11-14 to an 11-16 school, there are a number of logistical challenges to overcome. One of the biggest of these is around our numbers and our site capacity. When age-range change was agreed between the 3 schools, Ibstock Community College, Ivanhoe College, Ashby School and the local authority, the agreement was that every child currently attending Ibstock College and who had joined that school under the understanding that they would transition at the end of Year 9 to Ashby could chose either school for their Key stage 4 education.

The age-range change process does not allow the Pupil Admission Number (PAN) for an on-going year group to be altered, only a new year group. Therefore, we can set our PAN to 145 for Year 7 but have to maintain our limit of 235 in Year 8, 9 and 10 (and subsequently in Year 11).

Our school net capacity is 707 students, this number will be achievable in 5 years time when all year group sizes will have reduced to a PAN of 145. If we continue to accept students up to the current PAN, the school may have a NOR of up to 850 students, 143 students above the net capacity.








Operational Capacity


























Therefore, we are setting an ‘operational capacity’ limit on our student numbers as shown in the table above. This would allow us to limit the amount of movement into our current Year 7 as they move into Year 8, and movement into Year 8 as they move into Year 9.  Students in Year 9 have already stated their preference for KS4 school  and the deadline for this has now passed, meeting the agreed criteria of allowing any current Year 9 student to continue their education at Ibstock Community College.

Nicola Koncarevic – Director of Education (National Forest Hub)

February 2022


From primary school to Ibstock Community College (key stage two to key stage three)

At Ibstock Community College we aim to ensure that transition from key stage 2 to key stage 3 is as smooth and stress free as possible.

Transitions from primary to secondary schools can be a scary prospect for some students. We want our students and parents to feel that in preparation for their induction days and the beginning of year 7, they are fully informed, assured and excited about the move.

We start making visits to our feeder primary schools around February when we speak to all year 6 students about life at Ibstock Community College. This includes information about uniform, transport, timetables, tutor groups, extra-curricular activities and induction day information. The students also have an opportunity to ask questions.

Following this year 6 teachers, the parents / carers and the students are asked to complete online forms.. The information given is crucial in helping us to get to know the student, to place them in the right tutor group with a suitable group of friends and to prepare us for any additional educational, social or medical needs.

Students transferring from smaller primary schools or those living out of catchment will have the opportunity to attend an after school event where they will be able to meet with other students in similar positions to themselves. They will have the chance to look around the school, meet some members of staff and do an activity while making new friends.

Any students requiring extra support with transition will also have the chance for separate visits prior to the induction days.

Ibstock Community College (key stage three to key stage four)

After the 31 October, when the applications to any different upper schools must have been made, we begin the process of looking at student choices and options for the subjects and courses they will study in year 10.

All students study the core subjects of English, mathematics and science, as well as a number of optional subjects for students to choose. The options are varied: some subjects they will already have studied, some may be new to them, some may choose GCSE qualifications, whilst others may choose to study a BTEC course.  

To help students make the best possible choices, a number of option advice events are held. Students will also be able to meet the staff who will be able to support them during this time. Staff can also be contacted directly to discuss any parental or student concerns and worries. 

Leading up to the end of term in July, year 9 students will spend 2 days offsite where they will do teambuilding activities with their new teachers and form groups.

Please click here for more information on our GCSE options.

To apply for a school place please visit: